Thanks for visiting my website. I made it myself, which is why it kind of sucks. You know what doesn’t suck, though? The documentaries and news dispatches that I make.

There’s been Russian Roulette, the flagship VICE News series I hosted and produced when war broke out in Ukraine in 2014. It was nominated for two Emmys and went to over 100 episodes that have been viewed more than 35 million times. David Carr of the New York Times called my work “remarkable” and VICE News liked my dispatches so much they applied the template to their reporting from around the world, giving it the raw feel they're known for today.

These days I'm a Special Correspondent at PBS NewsHour covering both domestic and international affairs. You know why they call it SPECIAL correspondent? That's just how good I am. This year, with Ukraine in the center of events, I've been doing a lot of coverage from - you guessed it - Ukraine. Here's a recent piece I did for NewsHour Weekend taking the temperature on the frontlines ahead of much anticipated peace talks in Paris. But last year I did a pretty cool series on extreme poverty in the US and a story on asylum seekers fleeing America. And 2017 I spent with CNN's investigations unit digging up stories like this about Paul Manafort and co.

Not everyone is a fan of my work. Some militants in eastern Ukraine kidnapped me, and kept me in a cellar for three days. That sucked. But at least when they were done beating me up, I got to be on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, which made up for it a little.

Another thing you can see here is Selfie Soldiers, the documentary investigation I carried out over several months in 2015 tracking a careless Russian soldier who was fighting in Ukraine and posting selfies in his spare time. Russia denies it ever sent any troops to Ukraine, but you can watch the documentary, see the selfies and judge for yourself. Columbia University’s school of journalism gave me a DuPont award for that film, so I guess they thought it was pretty convincing.

Over the years, I’ve worked for a lot of different outlets, including PBS, CNN, CBS, HBO, and the BBC. But I started my career in Russia and the former Soviet Union as a print reporter where I lived for nine years, witnessed the rise of Putin and covered four revolutions. I also spent several years in the Middle East covering Israel/Palestine and the wider region, including Iraq, Egypt, Syria and Libya.

I've also been very interested in how North Korea makes money. In a series of reports for the BBC and VICE I exposed how the country sends workers abroad to earn hard currency for its regime in slave-like conditions; and how they couldn't do it without help from western companies.

If you'd like to commission me to make a film, have me on your show or give me an award, please send me a message here. If you want to complain about something you've seen in one of my films, please click here.

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